Recently, I stained my beloved Briggs and Riley suitcase. It was a gorgeous maroon, top of the line, 21 roller case. I had put it in the back end of my Subaru, where, unbeknownst to me, a bottle of BLUE laundry detergent spilled + oozed out all over, drenching everything in its path. Unfortunately, my suitcase was sitting in the BLUE GOO---too long! I took it to Joel, hoping for a miracle. His somber face was not a good sign. “I’ll try,” he said. Later, I went to retrieve it. I could not even see traces of the blue soap stain. Not only had he taken steps to go the extra mile, and clean my suitcase TWICE, but also, he repaired something else, and now it looks better than new!!! There had been a tear in a zippered pocket on the back, where something had punctured it, leaving a small hole. Joel sewed a small black decal (with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it! YAY!) to cover the mended hole. VOILA! And he did all of this for a reasonable, fair price. I rolled my suitcase out, feeling as good about it as I did on the day I bought it. I cannot recommend Joel and his services highly enough. --Dr. Pamellina Cornish, D.O.M.

I want to praise Joel Grieshaber TO THE SKIES!!!!! Joel is owner of ABQ Luggage Repair. He is a master craftsman, and has a stellar work ethic. "The repairs you did to my flight suit worked so well! Thank you. The new zippers you installed are better than the ones that came with my PeruFly." --Had Robinson